Andrew Matthews

The Art of "Being Happy"

Andrew Matthews is an international speaker on attitude, happiness, success and prosperity. In the field of motivation and personal development, his books, Being Happy! and Follow Your Heart are classics.

Over one million people have attended Andrew's seminars and keynote speeches across Australia, Asia and North America. His presentations are laced with humour and he draws lightning-fast cartoons as he speaks!

Andrew's talent is in making complex issues simple, and he relates to CEO's, middle management and high school students with equal ease. He entertains while providing audiences with the tools and inspiration to live more successful and more prosperous lives.

Andrew Matthews' books; Happiness Now, Follow Your Heart, Being Happy!, Making Friends, and Being a Happy Teenager are published in 35 different languages with sales of over five million copies in 60 countries. His books are also used for rehabilitation in prisons, by sporting coaches, as a prescription by psychologists and general practitioners and in hospitals with cancer patients. In the USA there are even university courses based on his books.

Andrew has appeared on 3,000 radio and TV programs on 4 continents. He is a much sought after speaker worldwide. He has addressed over 500 major international corporations including Shell, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Andersen Consulting, the Singapore Police Academy, Johnson & Johnson, the Royal Australian Navy, Toshiba, Kodak and Goodyear.

Following the British Open in 1992, Nick Faldo told the world's press that reading Being Happy! helped inspire him to victory.

Drawing lighting-fast cartoons as he speaks, Andrew makes complex issues simple. His humorous and entertaining presentations on "attitude" and "being happy" provide audiences with the tools and inspiration to live happier lives.

Andrew Matthews talks about:

Being happy - Andrew's one hour presentation deals with the strategies of happy, effective and successful people. His topics include: Live now! Don't blame other people!; Relationships ; Family ; Treating people well; Enjoying your work; Why make an effort?; Goals - why bother?; Dealing with disasters; Humour - seeing the funny side; Embracing change; "The "Being Happy!" philosophy; Appreciating people; What matters in business; Prosperity - what prosperous people do; Myths that keep you poor

Client testimonials

Andrew's performance was excellent, he captured the audiences attention from the drawing of the first cartoon. The content of his presentation was very relevant to very busy, stressed executives who sometimes lose sight of the fact that "being happy" is the best medicine for success.

Westpac Banking Corporation

Inspirational at all levels. The solutions you presented are useful not only in the selling arena but in all aspects of life and relationships. I received numerous comments from partners as to the relevance of your presentation.


Extremely well received… you captured not only their attention but their imagination. When the laughter finally died down, the messages that remained were very powerful.

BOC Gases

A message sprinkled with humor, artistic flair and good common sense... our people thoroughly enjoyed it and have talked about Andrew’s presentation ever since.

McDonalds Australia

Thank you once again Andrew for an entertaining and insightful presentation. Your ‘down to earth Aussie style’ was very refreshing and your skill at creating the cartoons illustrating your points impressed us all.


The relevance of your presentation, and in particular, the homework you put into preparing yourself for this presentation was outstanding. To come across in the manner that you did with such subtlety and a solid message is a rarity in today’s circles.

Eagle Boys Pizza