Chris Gray

Expert advisor on wealth creation through property

Chris Gray is Australia's most recognised property expert. He is the host of "Your Money, Your Call" on Sky Business News on Friday nights, was the property expert on Channel 9's My Home TV from 2007 - 2008 and is frequently called upon to provide opinion and commentary on market news and trends in national print media. He is also a qualified accountant, buyers' agent and mortgage broker.

At the age of 22 Chris worked out that a three-bedroom house was cheaper to own than a one bedroom unit. His mortgage repayments were more than his income even before tax, but having two tenants meant that he could live almost rent free. At 23 he bought his third property, then his fourth, fifth and sixth properties. By age 31, Chris had turned his initial $35,000 deposit into a $3.5m property portfolio and left his full-time job at Deloitte's for semi-retirement. Chris, 38, has since quadrupled his personal portfolio to well over $15m.

Chris is now CEO of his property portfolio company Empire, which searches, negotiates and renovates properties on behalf of time-poor professionals. His positive outlook and great results inspires others to set similar targets and build their own investment strategy.

Chris can clearly explain how it is possible for people to build a property portfolio of their own. He can provide advice on overcoming past setbacks and can clearly outline how to maximise equity in existing properties and can provide tips on building a portfolio without having to rely on wages to fund it.

Chris Gray talks about:

  • How a better investment strategy can improve you work/life balance
  • How to overcome setbacks from the past
  • How to maximize equity in existing properties
  • How to build a property portfolio without relying on wages to fund it

Client testimonials

Chris is the absolute guru of leverage. Every time I chat to Chris he makes me change the way I look at the world. His advice on investing and leverage is some of the best I have ever come across. Also his ability to communicate and take complex principles and make them simple is astonishing (in fact makes me jealous). On top of this he is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with

Dr Adam Fraser, Keynote speaker and trainer in workplace performance, Expert in lifestyle management and prevention of Diabetes

Chris, you've definitely found your calling in providing very valuable information to home owners, home buyers and real estate investors, showing them how to maximize their situations.

The Corporate Ninja Pty Ltd

As a TV presenter and spokesperson for myhome Chris has brought richness and depth of content to both myhome TV and . His expert knowledge of all things real estate is a valuable addition to our services and has been been strengthening and supporting our business since launch.

Erika Hillemacher, former colleague at

Chris is a professional and polished presenter displaying a strong understanding of his subject. He inspires his audience by showing them in easy to understand ways how they can address the many considerations associated with property investment.

CPA Australia

Chris delivered a highly informative, fun and interactive session on wealth creation through property investing, that was of interest to everyone present.

Mortgage Choice

Chris is Australia's thought leader on independent property investment.


Twice now Chris’ advice has saved me money or saved me time!

Matt Church, ‘Top 10’ Speaker