Deborah Hutton

Media personality, Author, Entrepreneur, MC and Speaker

Deborah Hutton is a name all Australians have grown to know and love, having watched her climb to the highest ranks of Australian media as the editor of Australian Women's Weekly for ten years and presenter of many television shows including Looking Good, Location Location, Amazing Homes and Celebrity Overhaul.

An entrepreneur, innovator and leader, Deborah's business interests are many and range from homeware brands to eyewear, book publishing and social media.

Deborah's fascination with the area of personal wellbeing has resulted in her successful on-line platform Balance by Deborah Hutton, the concept for which came when facing 50, she was diagnosed with a serious skin cancer.

Diagnosis led to Deborah spending more than a year assessing and redefining herself. Along the way she realized that women not only need support but also want to connect and talk. Balance by Deborah Hutton became a successful on-line community giving women access to coaches and experts in all aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career and finance. Deborah interviews the experts to ensure 'BalanceBDH' provides practical advice towards living a happier and more successful life.

Deborah Hutton's career began when she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine at the age of 16. She went on to become a top international model with contracts in Germany, Italy and New York, working with the world's top models and photographers.

In the years since, Deborah has become one of the most recognisable and best-known personalities in Australia with an extensive television career hosting programs including Looking Good, Location Location, Amazing Homes and Celebrity Overhaul for the Nine network, as well as being an editor of the Australian Women's Weekly for over 10 years.

Deborah joined forces with Foxtel hosting shows for the popular BIO Channel, The Foxtel Movie Show and is currently the host of Foxtel Arts weekly entertainment show Stage & Screen which explores everything that's new in Australian music, theatre and visual arts.

Deborah is also a savvy businesswoman launching both her range of homewares Living with Deborah Hutton for Kmart, which was a huge success and her own brand of Optical Eyewear. Passionate about good food and entertaining, she has published two cook books My Love Affair with Food and Entertaining Made Easy with Deborah Hutton.

Deborah is in demand as a keynote speaker and is renowned as a professional MC who always does her research whether hosting a glamorous awards night or interviewing Australia's top CEO's as part of a business discussion.

Deborah Hutton speaks about:

  • Resilience + Reinvention. A candid, inspiring and very entertaining presentation that appeals to the irrepressible spirit.

From a broken home, raised by a single mother, to launching her career on the cover of Cosmopolitan at age 16, Deborah Hutton has gone on to become one of Australia's favourite media personalities. Deborah shares insights and anecdotes acquired from her early modelling days through to hosting numerous top rating TV shows, being an editor at one of the country's most loved magazines, and as the face of Australia's most iconic brands. Deborah weaves her life story throughout, revealing valuable lessons learnt along the way to her decisive reinvention in her 50s as a digital media entrepreneur with the launch of Balance by Deborah Hutton. From being self-employed her whole life to taking a leap of faith and founding a digital platform that inspires and empowers people to be the better version of themselves, Deborah's story resonates to a wide audience.

  • Leading from Within. A presentation for leaders and leaders in the making.

Having been "self-employed" her entire life, Deborah Hutton, wasn't sure if she qualified as a 'leader'. But if leadership means influencing, partnering, networking and supporting others then yes, she is a leader! If having enough self-belief and determination to become a mature entrepreneur in her 50's, and creating her own successful digital wellness site, Balance by Deborah Hutton, then yes she's a leader. In this motivating and entertaining presentation Deborah shares her journey through decades of being one of the country's most successful media personalities with a widespread career in television and magazines to becoming a digital publisher. Her 'self-leadership' checklist and insights into her fast-paced life as well as the strategies she has in place gives the audience something to think about!

Client testimonials

On any program she hosts or takes part in, Deborah’s natural warmth leaps through the screen, while her ability to establish an instant and genuine rapport with guests and fellow presenters is incomparable. Deborah’s enduring popularity can be put down to the fact that she is smart and highly selective about the projects she takes on, but once she commits, you could not ask a more dedicated or involved host.

Nine Network Australia

Deborah is recognised nationally for her style, beauty and class; whilst at the same time being someone Australians love to identify with. She is genuine when communicating with her audience and approachable if ever imposed upon to get to know them better.

Lend Lease

Deborah’s warmth and intelligence personify the modern Australian woman. Her charm, confidence and down to earth appeal are the perfect fit with the values of Olay Regenerist. In her role as Brand Ambassador she has enabled Australian women to identify with and relate to the Regenerist brand. Her personal use of, and belief in, the products ensure passionate personal testimonials that drive credibility & consumer trial.

Procter & Gamble Australia

Deborah Hutton has been utilised as a brand ambassador for Holden for many years. Her style, her poise and her ability to connect and engage with consumers, and indeed people from all levels of an organisation, mean we have extensively used Deborah’s services – from television and print advertising, internet presentations and promotional videos through to hosting events. In every instance, feedback has been absolutely tremendous given Deborah has the uncanny ability to make everyone she approaches feel special – a unique and highly attractive ability.