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Just imagine the look on your audience’s faces as former president Bill Clinton or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II enters the room. Or maybe it’s John Cleese and his silly walk or Elvis making a ‘one night only’ return performance. How about David Beckham with or without Posh? Then again, it could be James Bond as played by Sean Connery … or Daniel Craig … who is making a grand entrance.

We work with the world’s leading impersonators — home grown and overseas —and they will amaze and enthral you with their fabulous repertoires. They can perform stand-up routines, comedy sketches, host an event, make a surprise guest appearance or even give a ‘serious’ presentation as your chosen character.

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A tribute show is always fabulous entertainment too and a great way to ensure your guests have fun. Of course we have Elvis (in fact, several Elvises) and Elton, Cher, Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond as well as some of the biggest groups of all time. Performers who have the voices and moves to rival their idols. With such deadly accurate impersonations, you’ll swear you have the original right in front of you.

From ABBA to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bee Gees to Beyoncé, Madonna to Marilyn Monroe, the Queen to Freddie Mercury or Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd, there are thousands of personalities to choose from, both real and imagined.

Politicians, movie stars, the movers and shakers of the business world, sports stars, TV celebrities, celebrity cooks, movie characters, the greats from the stage and screen, singing legends, dancing stars — the famous and the infamous — no one is sacrosanct.

And if you would like to invent a personality to fool your sales team at your next conference, we can help with that too. There are brilliantly clever performers who, with in-depth research and great brief from you, can create a credible hoax character who will have your audience hanging on their every word right up until the big reveal.

Whether you are planning a small private event or a world-class corporate show with an audience of thousands, we can make sure it’s an occasion your guests won’t forget.

So, if you want a member of the rich and famous — or infamous — to make an appearance at your event, then contact Celebrity Speakers today on (02) 9251 1333 or


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