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Are you looking for an amazingly talented magician to enliven your next event?

If you want to inject some light-hearted fun then anything from conferences, sales meetings and workshops to award presentations, fundraisers, private functions and other social and sporting occasions can all benefit from a touch of magic.

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Our magicians have delighted audiences at major comedy venues and festivals as well as social and corporate events all around Australia and the world. We have magicians who have made regular television and radio appearances as well as those who have performed to hugely appreciative audiences at world-renowned venues in Las Vegas, New York and London and elsewhere.

They include many acclaimed, award-winning, world-class magicians who have been the headline act at comedy venues, theatres and festivals around Australia and internationally, as well as those who are in high demand at corporate events for some of the most well known brand names in the world.

No magic act is exactly the same as another. Each performer has their own unique take on the craft and there are brilliantly creative and innovative magicians to suit every occasion and audience. A magic act can provide the perfect entertainment.

As well as the more stereotypical ‘rabbit out of a hat’ magicians, we have Houdini-like escape magicians, comedy magicians, cool magicians, magicians specialising in close up magic, acrobatic magicians and interactive magicians who will enlist the help of members of the audience. We also have magicians who display incredible feats of memory and mind-boggling illusionists, mentalists, hypnotists and ventriloquists.

From intimate close-up performances to spectacular stage shows, our exciting, funny and charismatic performers will give your guests an evening they won’t forget.

Celebrity Speakers can give you some great ideas that will guarantee to have your audience enthralled, entertained and laughing the whole time.

We know the best, the funniest and the most mystifying magicians who will leave your guests still scratching their heads long after the night is over. So to find out which fabulous magicians will provide mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and jaw-aching performances for your event then contact Celebrity Speakers today on (02) 9251 1333 or


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