John Aiken

Communication Expert

John Aiken is a relationship expert, best-selling author, regular media commentator and columnist. He is best known as the relationship and dating expert on Channel 9's hit series Married At First Sight. 

John is also an entertaining and empowering speaker who sheds light and life on human behaviour and relationships. With an innate ability to blend his real life experiences as a relationship expert with his knowledge of research and years of media expertise, he empowers audiences to look at things differently and to bring about change. John's speaking style is interactive, humorous and fun.

More about John Aiken:

John Aiken is a qualified relationship expert who has specialised in the field of relationships and worked in private practice for over 20 years. He provides practical advice to singles and couples, and runs exclusive retreats for couples.

John came to prominence as the host of ABC's Making Couples Happy and Making Families Happy, before becoming a regular on the Today Show, Today Xtra and the podcast Talking Married. His weekly dating and relationship Q&A column on the hugely popular 9honey online website is enormously successful, and he has featured frequently on radio and in magazines. Previously, John worked extensively in the NZ Media as a relationship expert and host on television documentaries and reality series. He had his own nationwide radio show Straight Talk, and was a long-term columnist for Next Magazine. John is a best-selling author and has written three books, U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship; Accidentally Single: The 15 Mistakes That Ruin Romance and How to Avoid Them, and Making Couples Happy: How Science Can Help Get Your Relationship Back on Track.

An engaging keynote speaker, he has presented to CEO's and entrepreneurs, media talent and executives, advertising agencies, major banks, telecommunication organisations, health and lifestyle companies, and professional conferences.

John speaks about:

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  • From private practice to prime time: Success strategies to get to the top 
  • I'm good in the boardroom but bad in the bedroom: secrets to happy couples
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  • Learn to communicate better, to 1 person or 2 million people
  • Technology is ruining my relationships! Ways to get your life back from your iPhone
  • The golden triangle of happiness, how to make it work for you