Linda Hailey

Small business marketing expert

Linda Hailey is a business consultant, marketing expert and author who believes it's time we took the mystery and stress out of marketing and strategic planning for small business. She is well known for her practical approach and her ability to relate to the small business market.

During an extensive career in advertising and marketing, Linda discovered just how intimidating marketing and planning can be for the small business owner. Since starting her own consultancy in August 1990, Linda has worked with a wide range of businesses to develop commonsense customer service and marketing strategies that build reputations and business revenue.

Through her keynote presentations Linda shares her expertise and knowledge with lots of practical hints and problem-solving tips for making marketing, customer service or strategic planning work for an individual business.

Linda's presentation style is dynamic and motivational with lots of real-life examples and anecdotes and she focuses on the practical rather than the theory. She speaks on a wide range of small business topics ranging from e-marketing and client service to business growth, technology, practical marketing, image and branding. Linda frequently speaks on small business for government departments, corporate clients, franchise organisations and small business associations

Her client list includes home based businesses, service companies, retail outlets, health professionals, wholesalers, training and recruitment companies.

Linda Hailey has also worked extensively in regional NSW acting as a trouble shooter for small communities who are facing challenges, ranging from drought or the closure of a major industry to disruptive road works in the main street. She also helps communities tap into opportunities such as a growing tourism market or a changing population profile. This work has given her valuable insights into the key issues facing small businesses in regional areas which are reflected in her presentations.

Linda is the author of Kickstart Marketing - the no nonsense system for boosting your small business (2001) and Your Business Your Future - How to predict and harness growth (2006).

She is a leader in small business podcasts and is one of three small business experts headlining Dell Computers small business site 360 degrees. In 2006 Linda joined the team on Channel 7's Kochie's Business Builders and is now their regular small business expert.

She has also been a board member for organisations including The Wilderness Society and Eastern Suburbs Business Enterprise Centre. She was also a member of the ATO Small Business Advisory Group for several years.

Linda Hailey's expertise in helping small business to succeed and thrive is undoubted. A passionate and inspiring presenter, she knows how to connect, engage and hold the attention of any audience, regardless of size.

Linda Hailey talks about:

  • Winning the Marketing War - Advertising and generic strategies are no longer enough to increase revenue and profit in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This practical presentation takes the mystery out of marketing and shares the secrets of successful businesses that thrive and not just survive.
  • Tricks of the Trade for Retail - Retailers face a specific set of issues when it comes to marketing. Road works, bad weather and the economic climate can all have a sudden impact on your trading. Learn simple strategies that can be used for attracting and keeping customers to boost your bottom line.
  • Catching and Keeping Customers - Customer Service can be the secret to cost effectively growing your business. This practical presentation looks at the financial value of customer service and shows participants how to wow their customers and boost their revenue.
  • E Marketing and Social Media Unplugged - This practical presentation takes a whole of business approach and shows you how you can harness the e revolution to promote your business, manage your network and add a "wow" to your customer service. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to give their business an e boost.
  • Business Branding - Make Your Mark - Until recently it was assumed that small businesses had an image but only multinational corporations could afford the advertising to create and maintain a brand. We now know that this is not true. Every small business has a brand whether they like it or not!
  • The Growth Vision - Successful business owners often need the challenge of increasing revenue from a particular market segment or finding totally new markets. Discover how to create your vision, review your current situation and develop a gap analysis that will become your action plan for achieving your goals. 
  • Your Business Your Future - When a small business starts to act unpredictably business owners often assume it is all their fault. This presentation will help you identify where you are, what's likely to happen and how to cope with the challenges ahead. 
  • Maximising the Female Factor for Business Success - Women who want their businesses to thrive will need to capitalise on the strengths that women bring to the business arena. Learn the secrets of successful women in this lighthearted look at how you can use girl power to get ahead.

Client testimonials

The workshop was extremely well received and I think that those who couldn't make it to the workshop are probably very regretful of this. As one participant wrote: 'Can't be any better. Linda is GREAT to give a message that came across as very SIMPLE and EASY to understand.’ Another summed the workshop up as 'brilliant' … I think one of the most telling comments came from someone who said they have been to a number of marketing workshops and that yours was the best. Thanks for delivering an excellent workshop.

NSW Department of State and Regional Development

Feedback from over 500 attendees gave you a satisfaction rating of 98% for content and 97% for the question, was it worthwhile attending? These are outstanding figures. Linda not only was the audience happy, we enjoyed working with you. as you fitted in with our requirements and made it easy for us.


The workshop was a success with your presentation being enthusiastically received on the day … you are one of the nicest, enthusiastic and down to earth speakers I have come across.

Central Western Regional Development Board Inc

Your professional manner, your thorough research and direct addressing of our issues made it a very valuable exercise for Baker Payne & Webb.

Baker Payne & Webb

Linda was received very well, she is a warm and engaging speaker. Linda was exceptional in delivering her keynote to audiences that were not as large as anticipated. She event took the opportunity to provide 1:1 mentoring for some of our attendees. A very genuine person who is giving of her time 100%

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