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Do you need a highly experienced and effective facilitator for your next conference, seminar or workshop?

We have superb facilitators with great track records in helping to achieve the results required by client organisations. They always make sure they understand the aims and the objectives of the group they will be facilitating, as well as the context of the session, and see their role as helping participants to collaborate more effectively.

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Highly skilled, they know how to draw people together, guide them clearly through a specified process, guide group discussion, maintain focus and full participation, and also achieve consensus and better productivity.

Importantly, they also know how to maintain neutrality, manage difficult situations when they arise, deal with conflict or confrontation, keep the session on track and provide structure when it’s needed.

Our facilitators come from very varied backgrounds and are as diverse as business people, academics, media presenters, broadcasters and journalists, sportspeople, psychiatrists, board directors, thought leaders, finance experts, comedians and humorists, marketing and negotiation experts.

A great facilitator needs confidence and great communication skills and should be clear thinking, fast-thinking, proactive and flexible. They should also know how to listen and Celebrity Speakers can introduce you to some of the best facilitators in Australia today.

Whether you need a meeting facilitator, a workshop facilitator or conference facilitator or you have simple or complex needs, making sure you have a great facilitator can be the difference between success and failure.

Whatever your industry or your audience, and whether you are planning a one-off meeting or several sessions covering a number of topics, we have highly sought-after, highly professional facilitators who will plan, guide and control the sessions to deliver the results you want.

So if you want to know who can best facilitate your sessions then contact Celebrity Speakers today on (02) 9251 1333 or info@celebrityspeakers.com.au


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