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At any event — whether a product launch, awards dinner, show or conference — the Master of Ceremonies or MC plays a critical role in the success of that event.

Whether it is to be light hearted, thought provoking or much more serious in nature, the MC will set the tone for your event and let your audience know what to expect.

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The role is multifaceted and a great MC will bring their own brand of energy and confidence to the day. Their responsibilities always include ensuring that the audience feels welcome and is kept happy, that speakers’ and entertainers’ needs are taken care of — and they are introduced and thanked appropriately —and that each part of the event flows smoothly to the next and on time.

Most importantly, a professional, experienced MC will know exactly what to do when the unexpected happens, like a problem with the audio-visuals or sound system or a speaker’s talk is much shorter — or longer —than expected.

In short, a great MC is like a fabulous ringmaster in a circus, managing the whole show, keeping the audience enthralled and making sure all the balls remain in the air all the time.

There are fantastic MCs from the world of business, media, politics, education, sport, entertainment and more and it can be difficult knowing who to choose. The overall success of your event depends greatly on choosing the right MC. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make so you need to be confident that whoever you choose understands exactly what your goals are for the event. They also need to be extremely well organised and well prepared, professional, experienced and have the right personality to engage with your audience.

At Celebrity Speakers we know the best MCs not only in Australia but also from all around the world so if you want to know who to consider, then we can make it easy for you. We have a wealth of knowledge and can save you a great deal of time and worry.

So, if you want to be congratulated after the event on your superb choice of MC then contact Celebrity Speakers today on (02) 9251 1333 or


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