Michael McQueen

Future Trends Analyst, Best-selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Michael McQueen is an Australian-born speaker, social researcher, bestselling author, media commentator and the founder of training and consultancy company The Nexgen Group. He has helped some of the world's best-known brands navigate change and maintain their position at the forefront of the market.

An expert on Gen Y, Michael has also helped parents, educators and government representatives across Australia, South East Asia and North America connect and communicate across generations and maximise the potential that comes from working together.

A familiar face on the international conference circuit, Michael has shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King. With highly tailored presentations, he talks to concepts that include trust, purpose/values, customer experience and consumer trends. In doing so, Michael equips audiences with a clear action plan for maintaining relevance, vitality and momentum within their business or team. Michael has been recognised as a Certified Speaking Professional, an honour held by only the top 1% of speakers worldwide.

Michael has written several highly successful books; among them How to Prepare Now for What's Next, which gives powerful insights into future disruptions along with strategies for surviving and thriving in turbulent times, and Teaching For Tomorrow, in which he describes mega trends that will dominate the coming decades, and the paradigm shifts educators need to make to remain relevant. Winning the Battle for Relevance explores why even the greatest businesses and institutions become obsolete and how others can avoid their fate, and Momentum takes a revealing look at what happens when a business gets stuck in a rut and inspiration evaporates - and what can be done to turn it around.

Michael uses a combination of humour, interaction and reflection to provide audiences with powerful insights into what the future holds and how businesses and leaders can successfully navigate change. Every member of the audience will leave equipped with a clear action plan to emerge stronger and more relevant than ever.

Michael McQueen talks about:

The Case for Character: Why trusted brands are more lucrative, loved and long lasting - a highly researched analysis of the future when consumers will demand ever greater transparency, trustworthiness and values-alignment from the brands and businesses they engage with. Discover:
• Why the marketplace today is more skeptical and discerning - and how this creates an enormous opportunity ?
• How purpose driven and values based brands have proven to be more lucrative, loved and longer lasting than their competitors ?
• How to build or rebuild trust through credibility, consistency, clarity and congruence.

Momentum: How to build it, keep it or get it back - Having helped some of the world's best known brands maintain vitality and relevance, Michael uses this presentation to explore:
• The science and art of momentum - where it comes from and why it makes all the difference
• The key momentum-breaking pitfalls that smart organisations and leaders avoid
• Proven and practical strategies for building unstoppable momentum in a team.

Winning the battle for relevance - Organisations can no longer assume that what worked yesterday will work again today, much less tomorrow. To survive, it is critical for leaders, businesses and industries to adapt and evolve. In this fast-paced, compelling keynote presentation, Michael explores:
• Why most businesses don't realise they are becoming obsolete till it's almost too late
• The four major shifts that are causing businesses and industries to become irrelevant
• Proven and practical strategies for maintaining vitality, momentum and relevance in the years to come.

Audiences leave equipped and inspired to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and emerge stronger than ever.

This is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Decoding the next generation - Employers, leaders and educators often describe this group as being technology addicted, impatient, unfocussed and disrespectful. Having conducted arguably the world's most extensive research into the defining attitudes and values of Gen Y, Michael is ideally placed to help audiences de-code this group. Michael explores:
• The four lies you have been told about Generation Y
• The key challenges older generations face in communicating with & leading today's youth
• Practical strategies for engaging, motivating and equipping the next generation.

The future of education is here - are you ready for it? - In this practical, research-rich and entertaining presentation, leading educationalist and 3-time bestselling author Michael McQueen explores:
• The five shifts that have dramatically changed the face of education in recent decades.
• The key three trends that will shape education in the years to come - namely the changing nature of students, the climate of the classroom; expectations of parents.
• Practical and proven strategies to engage tomorrow's students in learning - and stay one step ahead of them.

Stay ahead of disruption in 2017! -In a presentation that leaves audiences with an action plan for navigating the turbulent times ahead and emerging stronger than ever, Michael explores:
• The five impending disruptions that most leaders and organisations are ignoring at their peril
• How to foster the mindset and culture required to drive innovation and agility within a team
• The key habits and strategies that separate the enduring from the endangered

Indisruptable is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Client testimonials

The best presentation I've seen! Michael's depth of knowledge and applicable stories were fantastic.


Michael McQueen offers information that is relevant to everyone and anyone.

Australian Super

Michael McQueen’s presentations are brilliant. He is an informative and compelling speaker whose insights and wise advice for parents of teenagers are highly relevant.

Westmead Children's Hospital

Michael was excellent. His session was an outstanding awakening for a baby boomer like me!

Singleton High School

Michael’s captivating and thought-provoking presentation was practical, engaging and humorous. He has certainly triggered some new thinking in our organization.

Randstad Australia & New Zealand

Michael's presentation at our conference was amazing - so tailored and well researched. I'd recommend him to any brand looking to stay relevant.

The Professionals Real Estate

Michael's presentations are both engaging and inspiring. His strategies really hit the mark.


Michael was received very well by our audience. He was very enthusiastic and engaging for all the staff present from front line staff to senior managers. Michael had a number of very interesting real life examples which our team could relate to and provided our team with a number of practical questions and tools to utilise in reviewing how our organisation can remain relevant.


Thanks for an amazing session, Michael. Presenting and workshopping in a virtual environment is not easy but you did a great job of making it an engaging experience.

Attendee - Coles Australia