Paul Francis

Leadership Expert, Business Transformer, Ironman & Keynote Speaker

Paul Francis is a highly successful business leader and Ironman who has transformed himself and a Bank, during what could be described as a ‘not so typical' career.

Now, an engaging keynote speaker, he's ready to help you transform your people and your business by revealing his secrets to success and providing tips on how people can face their fears, expand their limits and achieve goals never dreamed of.

More about Paul Francis:

A long career, that spanned retail and banking, was not on the radar when Paul Francis arrived in Australia. He was a seventeen-year-old migrant from England and he'd had a less than stellar academic career. However sometimes, life surprises. Paul established his career and spent twenty-one years as an executive of Heritage Bank where he was instrumental in completely transforming the sales, service and leadership of the Bank, and the Bank branches themselves. He initiated in-house sales structures that ensured performance and accountability, and new business divisions, including broker distribution, a contact centre, business banking, and financial planning. Additionally, he expanded the Bank's physical presence and transformed the branches themselves.

Paul's passion as a leader was never more evident than during the annual sales conferences he ran for over a decade, each year selecting the theme, hosting the event, presenting a keynote speech, and emceeing the Awards night.

Paul also has a passion for health and fitness, having played A grade soccer, run many marathons, and completed eighteen Ironman triathlons, including the famed Hawaiian Ironman in Kona, on the big island of Hawaii. This ongoing commitment to competition, health and fitness is consistent with the goal setting, planning, and execution, along with the mental toughness and resilience required to be successful professionally and personally.

Paul Francis speaks about:

Paul is an engaging speaker who can tailor his presentation to your Conference theme around leadership, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, all in an entertaining and authentic way.

The many lessons and experiences Paul has learned through both business, and his Ironman hobby, are sure to resonate with your audience.

  • The secrets of success
  • Face your fears
  • No opportunity wasted
  • Make It matter
  • No limits
  • Write your own story
  • It's your time to shine

Client testimonials

Paul is one of the most courageous and disciplined people I know. As a strategic and visionary leader, he has an uncanny ability to inspire people to reach inside their hearts and minds and enable them to get the most out of themselves. His desire to seek constant and never-ending improvement has enabled him to achieve consistent business growth over many years at Heritage Bank. He knows what it takes to build a culture of high performance and accountability and has the strategic acumen to help ensure that business strategy is aligned top down (as observable and measurable). He is an extraordinary asset to all organisations he works with and is an engaging and authentic leader and speaker.

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