Roy Ah-See

Chairman NSW Aboriginal Land Council

Roy Ah-See an inspirational leader who believes land rights and connection to country is integral to the spiritual healing and cultural empowerment of Aboriginal people.

Roy is the Co-Chair of the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory Council, Chairperson of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC), a Board member of the Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), and Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, (ILC).

Adversity is a highlight of Roy's journey. He shares his journey with others, and by taking them on a journey of self-discovery, he inspires and motivates people to be the best they can be.

More about Roy Ah-See:

A Wiradjuri man who was born and raised on Nanima Reserve, near Wellington, Roy grew up with a single Mum and eight siblings in a welfare dependant environment. He became a product of that environment, which lead to antisocial behaviour and alcohol abuse. At the age 18 Roy was incarcerated and looking at a long custodial sentence.

An uncle of Roy's became his guide and advised him about the need to turn his life around if he wanted to achieve his dreams, aspirations and goals. Roy listened to that advice and went to University as a mature age student and graduated with a degree in Social Welfare. He went on to work at various government agencies and at NSWALC as a Policy Officer.

Roy has told his story at many levels nationally and internationally. In 2015 he spoke in front of 65,000 people from all around the world. He's presented papers at the United Nations (U.N) in Geneva Switzerland and New York City on issues ranging from human rights, social justice, self-determination and economic empowerment for the first peoples of this country.

Roy is happily married. His son is a podiatrist and his daughter is a lawyer.

Roy Ah-See speaks about:

Roy tells his story of being someone who was never meant to make it or be a success! Yet, despite the odds stacked against him, he overcame adversity, to survive and thrive.

He says of himself, "I've failed my way to success and I've found my purpose! It is to help you become the leader everybody loves, by taking you on a journey of self discovery, to uncover your gift within so you don’t go without... My vision is simple; go within or go without a journey of self-discovery to uncover your gift".