Simon Illingworth

Courageous, Awarded Former Detective Sergeant

Former Detective Sergeant Simon Illingworth was bashed, threatened and intimidated by bent cops and underworld criminals, all in the line of duty. His life gives dramatic insight into Melbourne's gangland war and the ugly world of police corruption. Simon appeared on ABC's Australian Story, an episode that won journalism's Gold Quill. His book Filthy Rat is an Australian best seller.

As a result of his life experiences, Simon Illingworth has a powerful story to tell that challenges the status quo, causes people to examine their values and teaches them how to make the hardest decisions under pressure.

Simon has received numerous awards for bravery and leadership, from Victoria Police, the Governor of Victoria, Royal Humane Society and the Sir Vincent Fairfax Fellowship.

Simon talks about:

International studies have found storytelling to be the best method of inspiring and to getting ideas to 'stick'. Simon uses his experiences and natural storytelling ability to challenge the status quo, teach people how to make courageous decisions under pressure and to decide on a set of values and principles on which to base their business culture.

While there's no doubt Simon's unique experiences draw people to conferences just to hear him speak, it is the lasting effect of the message delivered that makes many of Australia's largest corporations bring him back for additional sessions with employees.

Client testimonials

The feedback has been wonderful Simon, and clearly the audience was really captivated by your inspiring and courageous story; thanks for making the big effort to come up for the night.

Landes and Rogers Lawyers

Simon Illingworth’s presentation is a thought provoking, powerful and challenging experience. It makes the audience examine their own personal values and ethics and the way they conduct their professional dealings. This is a very personal journey explained in a straight-forward manner and keeps the audience waiting for what will happen next. Simon is an excellent guest speaker for conferences, management forums and training sessions.

HESTA Super Fund

It makes you stop to realise that everyone has a responsibility to stand up for what is right and to challenge our present culture – no matter what you do. This is an incredible true story of personal courage that literally changed his life forever.

Portfolio Partners Ltd

Simon has developed eight key themes for any modern workplace which are described in his Ethical Strength program. Excellent.

Simon’s 'Runaway Bus' ethical leadership model is a message and a solution for those of us; our families, friends or colleagues who are faced by ethical challenges. Having perhaps been on the bus or at least running along side it for a brief interlude at HIH, I look back and only wish that Simon’s message and solution was there to help me through my ethical challenges. HIH was a world of creative accounting, reinsurance deals, more notorious deals, and compromises by so-called independent persons, blind loyalty, self interest and downright greed. If more of those associated with HIH had the benefit of the Bus ethical leadership model then I believe the demise of what was once a highly regarded organisation could well have been averted. More importantly, the enduring consequences of its collapse on innocent parties could have been avoided. And, from a personal perspective, there might have been a few more standing in front of the Bus with me.

HIH Insurance