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Why would you consider having a celebrity attend your event?

The most obvious answer is that a celebrity — the right celebrity — can bring an element of excitement to your event. High profile individuals attract a great deal of attention and fascination and act as a drawcard, someone who your guests will be interested in meeting or simply seeing close up. They also attract media attention which can be an excellent way of promoting your event.

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There are those who are currently ‘hot’ and others who may have been around for a while but still wield some power and influence or are much admired. There are celebrities who are well known because of their lifestyle, love life, glamour or great wealth and sometimes because of their infamous deeds or connections.

There are celebrities from the world of sport, music, entertainment, media and the political sphere. Members of the A-list and the B-list as well as celebrity chefs, models, elite athletes, business leaders, prominent socialites, fashion designers, survivors of disasters and best-selling authors.

There are the stars of small screen and the silver screen, from reality TV contestants, talent show winners, pop stars, game show hosts, talk show hosts and other TV personalities, up-and-coming actors and actresses as well as the more established stars, showbiz legends, comedians, singers, dancers and other entertainers.

Depending on the type of event you are organising and your audience, there will be celebrities to suit. You may need a celebrity for a speaking engagement, a private performance at an intimate celebration dinner, to make a star-studded appearance on the red carpet or to present an award. Or you might be looking for celebrities who are brilliant facilitators, panellists, guest presenters, MCs or hosts. At Celebrity Speakers we can help you with fantastic recommendations for drawcards from Australia and overseas.

A celebrity appearance can add a great deal of appeal to your event and at Celebrity Speakers we know just who will add the excitement you want and at the right price. We can make it easy for you. We have a wealth of knowledge and can save you a great deal of time and worry.

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