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When it comes to the topic of sports and sports speakers, it can be daunting to know where to start. There are so many interesting and exciting speakers who can make your next event a top-scoring event.

Celebrity Speakers can help you with outstanding speakers from the world of sport, many of whom are equally well known outside of it.

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We have sporting heroes, both current and past, inspirational tough-talking coaches, medal-winning, record-breaking Olympians and Paralympians and high-achieving athletes who haven’t let a disability or a terrible setback hold them back. We also have sports psychologists and sports scientists, sports commentators and journalists, sports celebrities and personalities, sports authors and many others besides. We even have comedians whose speciality is sport.

From wonderfully funny and entertaining to brilliantly inspirational and motivational, they are great communicators whose individual messages transcend all types of sports and codes to be just as relevant in the broader universe.

We have wonderful speakers from Australia and overseas who can talk about leadership, team building, stress management, health and lifestyle or fitness and nutrition. We have speakers who can talk about their own challenges and achievements and can motivate and inspire your audience to get out there and achieve medal-winning performances in their own lives.

If you are planning a sports-related event and are looking for someone to give that all-important pre-game address, present an award at a grand final dinner or give your team a morale boost after a series of less-than-stellar performances, we can help. And if you are planning an industry or business-related event such as a conference, workshop or product launch or want a fabulous MC or host, we can help to make it a success too.

Depending on your event and your audience, we have sports speakers who are entertaining, inspiring, controversial, thought-provoking or provocative and never dull. So if you want to know who will give a brilliant performance at your event then contact Celebrity Speakers today on (02) 9251 1333 or


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